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Are You Saving Or Are You Just Saving Up?

One common regret of middle aged investors is that they did not start saving earlier. If only we weren't so careless with our money when we were younger!

Well I learned about saving fairly early on. The problem is, I wasn't really saving. I was just "saving up." Ever since I made that realization, I've started to grow my retirement nest egg and my savings are starting to accumulate nicely.  ... read more of this story»

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How About Partial Retirement?

Does your retirement feel like it is miles away? Have you crunched some numbers and found that you'll have to work thirty more years before you've saved enough to be able to quit your job? Maybe you need to bring the finish line a bit closer. Maybe you need to consider Partial Retirement ...  ... read more of this story»

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Is Your Mortgage Interest Tax-Deductible?

Asset Swap: At the end of the day, you have a mortgage and an investment portfolio, only now, your mortgage interest is tax-deductible.If you are frowning and thinking to yourself, "Of course my mortgage interest is tax-deductible!" then you are likely a visitor from the United States. If you are frowning and thinking to yourself, "Of course my mortgage interest isn't tax-deductible!" then you are probably a Canadian. Our neighbours to the south have been enjoying a tax break on their mortgage interest for some time now. Although, as a Canadian, your home's mortgage interest is not normally tax-deductible, there is a technique that can make all or part of your mortgage interest expenses tax free.  ... read more of this story»

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Getting Into Real Estate Without A Down Payment Or A Mortgage

It is often said, "Don't wait to buy real estate; buy real estate and wait!" Although these words might not ring true today in the midst of a housing market correction, having a portion of your investments in real estate can be an important way to further diversify your portfolio. So, does that mean you need to save for a down payment, get a mortgage, buy a house and then maintain it? Nope! Real estate investing can be a lot easier than that. Let's see how!  ... read more of this story»

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You Can't Time The Market So Try Dollar Cost Averaging Instead

Dollar Cost Averaging: This is one method for reducing the risks of getting into a falling market.
"Buy low, sell high" is often one of the first things you'll hear when you're learning about investing. The problem with this is that it's tough to know what "low" and "high" actually are even when they are staring you in the face. When markets seem like they are down, like they are today, it can seem risky to make a large investment in case the markets keep going down. One way you can help limit your risk while entering into a falling market is through Dollar Cost Averaging.  ... read more of this story»

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Wow! The Tax-Free Savings Account

The 2008 Federal Budget has an incredible treat for individual investors: The Tax-Free Savings Account or TFSA. This is how it is described in the budget press release: "This flexible, registered, general-purpose account will allow Canadians to watch their savings—including interest income, dividend payments and capital gains—grow tax-free." Let's take a closer look at how this will work.  ... read more of this story»

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Understanding Inflation

Inflation: Here we see how inflation affects our ability to buy a $6 hammer with $10. By investing our $10 we maintain our purchasing power over time despite the effects of inflation.After looking at the anatomy of our personal finances, I think that it would be worthwhile to go over how inflation affects our plans to escape from the 9 to 5 grind. Inflation is almost always an enemy when it comes to our long term financial goals. If you don't fully understand how inflation affects you, you won't be able to create a good plan of action for your escape. So let's get started.  ... read more of this story»

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Personal Finance 101: An Introduction

Basic Personal Finance: Overview

For many of us, the only way we know we are in rough financial shape is when we start having trouble paying the bills at the end of the month or when our debts just keep increasing instead of going down. For some, personal finance can seem like a complicated topic to grasp but it doesn't have to be. For others, personal finance seems simple but maybe you are overlooking some important concepts that could be helping you to escape the rat race sooner.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting a series on personal finance concepts which should help demystify where your money is going and help you to regain control. This first article is an introduction to the key concepts of personal finance.  ... read more of this story»

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