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Are You Saving Or Are You Just Saving Up?

One common regret of middle aged investors is that they did not start saving earlier. If only we weren't so careless with our money when we were younger!

Well I learned about saving fairly early on. The problem is, I wasn't really saving. I was just "saving up." Ever since I made that realization, I've started to grow my retirement nest egg and my savings are starting to accumulate nicely.  ... read more of this story»

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Starting A New Hobby? Start Slowly!

When was the last time you wanted to start a new hobby and bought a bunch of stuff that you ended up using once or twice? It happens to the bast of us and if can be a big drain on our financial resources. How can we make hobbies less of a financial drain? Start slowly!  ... read more of this story»

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My Money Mistake & How To Avoid It

One of the most exciting aspects of planning one's escape is learning new financial skills. Often learning a new financial concepts can get your creative juices flowing as you ponder how you could make use of this new idea in your own personal financial journey. Sometimes, however, learning something new can shine a humbling light on past financial mistakes. Some action in our past that we now realize was a poor financial move starts to weight heavy on our minds and regret sets in. Today I'm going to share one of my (many?!) past financial mistakes and why I am putting my regrets aside and celebrating instead.  ... read more of this story»

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