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The Power Of "F-You Money"

Even if you don't love your job, even if you only go in each day to keep that paycheck coming in each week, even if there is no end in sight, there is one thing that can help make your daily grind more bearable. That thing is 'F-You Money.' And it really works!  ... read more of this story»

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Are You Saving Or Are You Just Saving Up?

One common regret of middle aged investors is that they did not start saving earlier. If only we weren't so careless with our money when we were younger!

Well I learned about saving fairly early on. The problem is, I wasn't really saving. I was just "saving up." Ever since I made that realization, I've started to grow my retirement nest egg and my savings are starting to accumulate nicely.  ... read more of this story»

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How About Partial Retirement?

Does your retirement feel like it is miles away? Have you crunched some numbers and found that you'll have to work thirty more years before you've saved enough to be able to quit your job? Maybe you need to bring the finish line a bit closer. Maybe you need to consider Partial Retirement ...  ... read more of this story»

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So Long Cable Bill!

After months of knowing it needed doing, I've finally cancelled our cable TV and cable internet services in favour of cheaper alternatives. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have already switched to VoIP for our phone service. All told, we've managed to reduce our total communications bill (phone, TV & internet) from over $140 per month down to just over $60. The extra cash is starting to accumulate!  ... read more of this story»

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Wow! The Tax-Free Savings Account

The 2008 Federal Budget has an incredible treat for individual investors: The Tax-Free Savings Account or TFSA. This is how it is described in the budget press release: "This flexible, registered, general-purpose account will allow Canadians to watch their savings—including interest income, dividend payments and capital gains—grow tax-free." Let's take a closer look at how this will work.  ... read more of this story»

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Standing An Expense On Its Head

A great trick that I frequently use to get my frugal juices flowing is to look at my expenses in a different light. I've written before about seeing unnecessary expenses as potential income. Recently, however, I've come up with an even better perspective shifting trick that really hammers home the power of saving ... especially on those recurring monthly expenses. Let's see how we can get our savings to pay us dividends!  ... read more of this story»

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Personal Finance 101: Cash Flow & Net Worth

Personal Finance 101: Cash Flow & Net WorthSo far we've looked at income, expenses, assets and liabilities, but what do these all add up to? Well, today we'll be looking at Cash Flow & Net Worth the two basic measurements of our personal financial health. By maintaining a positive cash flow and building a strong net worth you'll be securing your financial future. Understanding this will help us to unlock the secrets of wealth and financial independence. Let's take a closer look.  ... read more of this story»

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Personal Finance 101: Expenses & Saving

Personal Finance 101: Expenses & Saving: Saving on expenses can be a powerful tool for getting control of your personal finances since money saved is tax free.
We all know that we should reduce our expenses to save money. This is often the first piece of advise you'll get on personal finance. This is, in fact, excellent advise but do know the reasons why? In this edition of the Personal Finance 101 series I'll take a look at some reasons why saving on your expenses is such a powerful tool for creating wealth and financial independence.  ... read more of this story»

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Don't be a Slave to your Debt: Give Yourself a Raise!

Do you ever get the feeling that you are trapped in your current job? Maybe you don't enjoy what you do and you feel you aren't getting paid enough to do it. I bet a little raise would help your spirits, but likely your boss doesn't see it that way. So what can you do? Well, you could start by giving yourself a raise.  ... read more of this story»

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