Still Lovin' Shovelin' Snow

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It's been a few weeks since I wrote about why I think shoveling snow is such a great activity. Since then we've had three major snowfalls and a handful of minor ones in Ottawa. Am I still as convinced that snow shoveling is as great as I originally thought? You bet.

Crazy Snow

It's not even officially winter for another few days and I'm pretty sure we've had more snow so far this season than we did almost all of last year. This past Sunday's dump was the most we've gotten yet - 37cm to be exact. In fact, as I look outside right now, I can see that it is still snowing! I'm actually starting to wonder if someone, somewhere, is trying to get me to eat my words about how much I like shoveling snow.

The thing is, yesterday morning I got up, I had a quick bite to eat, then I headed outside. I got an hour of vigorous exercise in the cold fresh air and bright morning sun. It was a beautiful day and it was lovely to be outside enjoying it. When I was done shoveling I had a pile of snow on our front lawn that is about 2m high! When I came back inside, I had a couple glasses of water and I put some tea on. I felt great!

I knew the driveway had to get shoveled. I've got a pregnant wife and we're expecting in about 10 days but babies can come anytime at this stage. So there was no putting it off.

It's Getting Better All The Time

As The Beatles say, "it's getting better all the time." After the first couple of sessions of shoveling, I was really quite tired. Towards the end of the job I was pretty worn out. Yesterday however, I was surprised at how much energy I had left at the end. I was tired but not nearly as much as the first few times.

It's that little sense of improvement that really makes me feel good. Not only am I getting a good amount of work done, I'm getting more fit too. It's a great feeling.

I'm Still Lovin' Shovelin'

Maybe I'll change my tune before the end of the winter, but you know, I don't think I will. The fact is, I need the exercise. I don't get much opportunity for exercise in my everyday life unless I go out of my way to do something. There's also all the reasons I mentioned in my original article. So even though we've had a lot of snow and I've been doing more shoveling than I expected this year, I'm still convinced it's a great activity.

I do know one thing for sure: there is no way I would have gotten myself to the gym yesterday morning.


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