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We all like to treat ourselves to something special every once in a while. Maybe it's a night out, an ice cream, some chocolate or a new video game. All these things can give us a dose of happiness. Today I'm looking at a trick that you can use to boost the amount of enjoyment you get from these sorts of simple pleasures ... it works, it's easy and it'll save you some money to boot!

My Simple Pleasure

One of the indulgences that I sometimes allow myself is one nice glass of wine or one cool beer after the day's work is done. I plunk myself down in a comfy chair in our sun room and enjoy a drink while watching the birds or squirrels mess around in our back yard. It's not much but I enjoy it.

Over the past few weeks I've been out of beer and the only wine left in the cellar was "good" wine that I thought would be best enjoyed with friends. For one reason or another, I just never got around to picking up any for myself. However, after seeing the weather forecast for this past weekend, I decided I'd scoot out and pick up a beverage or two.

After several weeks of absence, treating myself to a drink in the late afternoon after a day of working outside felt great. I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed it a lot more than usual.

The Tactic ...

Exercise personal restraint. These days, it really isn't difficult to have a stock of treats on hand all the time. Most things can be bought at the supermarket or a local shop. The problem is, if we always have our treats on hand, then they end up being staples instead of luxuries. They become so commonplace, that we start taking them for granted. We lose the enjoyment.

By missing out on my evening treat for a few weeks, I ended up with a much more enjoyable experience when I finally treated myself again. What had started to become commonplace, became special again.

So, restrain yourself a bit. Limit your treats to once per week or at least limit them to a bit less than what you're used to. It makes them much more enjoyable.

What types of treats do you have in your life that you could cut back on in order to get more enjoyment from them?


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Great post! This may seem

Great post! This may seem like an odd indulgance, but I love anything with coconut. Cookies, German chocolate cake, whatever has coconut. I would probably enjoy it a lot more if I didn't eat it so much. Also, I don't think coconut is all that great for me so that would be another benefit.

its sooo true! am currently

its sooo true! am currently on a financial diet. I am not spending any money at all. that's not entirely true. but no shopping meaninglessly. life is somehow so much better now that I am not wasting.

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